Iran is top destination for French tourists, Vice president says


Calling Iran as one of the top destinations for French travelers, Vice President for Tourism, Masoud Soltanifar, has urged French companies to invest in the tourism sector in Iran.

Speaking at a meeting with visiting French trade delegation on Monday, Soltanifar said that Iran would like to use the experiences of French companies in tourism industry.

A delegation of ‪‎France’s main business lobby group, ‪‎Medef, comprising about 130 firms, including top companies such as ‪Total and ‪‎Peugeot, arrived in Tehran Monday with the aim of encouraging future trade deals.

Soltanifar welcomed French investors in the field of hotel construction and hotel management and added that France’s participation in building two hotels in Iran is beginning of cooperation between Tehran and Paris in tourism industry.

The French leading hotel operator AccorHotels last week announced that it has signed a management agreement with an Iranian firm to open two hotels near Tehran’s international airport.


Novotel hotel, near Tehran’s international airport, is scheduled to open on 15 October 

Under the contract, the Iranian firm Aria Ziggurat Tourism Development Company will use the Novotel and Ibis brands, both owned by French hotel giant AccorHotels, for 15 years starting next month.

Soltanifar added: “Iran is one of the top destinations for French tourists. But they [French tourist] were deprived of visiting this land of grandeur and beauty mainly due to unjust and illegal sanctions over the last years.”

Iran’s vice president said that that the number of tourists visiting Iran over the last two years has increased to more than 5 million.


Hotel Shah Abbasi, Isfahan

“We want to use all internal and external potential in tourism industry to build five-star hotels and to develop transportation system.” He added.

France Agriculture Minister Stéphane Le Foll, in turn, put an emphasis on several thousand years of civilization of Iran and said that Iran has numerous historical sites and rich handicrafts.

Considering plenty of similarities between the two countries, he added, tourism will be expanded between Iran and France.

Le Foll mentioned that Iran needs training for restaurant and hotel management, which France can transfer its experiences in this field



Meet the top 10 hotels in Iran

Meet the top 10 hotels in Iran

562493710ed1bb76a0328eef06c37cdf.jpg (700×500)

Since the lifting of international sanctions under last year’s nuclear deal, Iranian government has made tourism a top priority for rebuilding Iran’s struggling economy.

Visitor numbers to Iran have already boomed in recent years thanks to a partial thaw in the country’s relations with the world, rising from 2.2 million annually in 2009 to 5.2 million in 2015.

Under the 20-year Outlook Plan, Iran is expected to host 20 million foreign tourists in 2025 in order to generate $30 billion a year. That means the country should build 20 four- or five-star hotels each year over the course of the next decade.

Iran has currently 1,125‭ ‬hotels and guest houses‭, ‬of which only 130‭ ‬are four‭- ‬and five-star establishments‭. ‬The goal is to increase the number of quality hotels to 400‭ within 10‭ ‬years.

Earlier, an Iranian top tourism official said the country is constructing 125 luxury hotels , stressing that the figure is a record in the Iranian hospitality industry.

According to a forecast by Euromonitor International, Iran will probably have almost 900 hotels within five years, compared with 768 now . Lodging revenue is set to increase about 25 percent during that time, the firm predicts, as the number of visitors is forecast to grow by a similar percentage to 6.3 million.‬

In this article we’ll list out the top 10 best hotels in Iran, selected by Iranian website Eghtesad online; they appear in no particular order and we promise if you are ever lucky enough to tour Iran you will not just like, but love at least one of these places.

See More :

1-Parsian Azadi Hotel, Tehran


2- Abbassi Hotel, Isfahan


3- Darvishi Royal Hotel, Mashhad


4- Shiraz Hotel , Shiraz 


5-Parsian Khazar Hotel, Chaloos


6-Espinas Palace Hotel, Tehran


7- laleh kandovan international rocky hotel, Tabriz


8-Pars Hotel, Tabriz


9-Ghasr Talaee International Hotel, Mashhad


10-Ramsar Parsian Hotel, Ramsar


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Iran tourism for women: Safe or not safe?


With sanctions on Iran being relaxed and airlines including British Airways reintroducing direct flights to Tehran, Iran is once again attracting foreign businesses and travellers. Having just returned from a one-month self-drive tour of the country, I can assure you the destination has much to offer.

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Vodafone to collaborate with Iran’s HiWeb


Vodafone said it would partner with Iranian internet company HiWeb to help it modernise its mobile network and IT infrastructure, making the British mobile phone group the latest Western company to operate in Iran after sanctions were lifted.

Vodafone, the world’s second-largest mobile firm that operates across Europe, Africa, Australia and Egypt, said by providing assistance to HiWeb as part of a non-equity partner deal, its own multinational corporate customers would benefit from improved fixed-line and mobile services in the country.

“Vodafone’s corporate customers will get the benefit of quality network services in the country and HiWEB will be able to access Vodafone’s global expertise,” Vodafone Partner Markets Chief Executive Diego Massidda said in a statement on Tuesday.

Many European companies have sought exposure to Iran after US sanctions over its nuclear programme were lifted in January.


Tabiat pedestrian bridge wins world’s most prestigious award for architecture


Tabiat pedestrian bridge in Tehran was named among the six winners of the 2016 Aga Khan Award for Architecture, AP reported.

The winners of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture were announced on Monday in a ceremony in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The five other winners of the architecture award included a children’s center in China, a park in Denmark,  two projects from Bangladesh and an Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs in Lebanon.

The architects of each project will receive a share of a $1 million (£700,000) fund, which makes the Aga Khan Award for Architecture one of the world’s most lucrative architecture prizes.

The awards are given out every three years, and recognize projects in locations that have substantial Muslim populations. The six 2016 winners were selected from 19 shortlisted projectsannounced in May of this year.

The $1 million Aga Khan Award for Architecture was set up by His Highness the Aga Khan in 1977 to acknowledge and encourage projects that address the needs of Muslims the world over.

Winners will receive their awards at a ceremony next month in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.


Tabiat pedestrian bridge, Tehran designed by diba tensile architecture Leila Araghian, Alireza Behzadi

The Hypnotizing Beauty Of Iranian Mosque Ceilings

The Hypnotizing Beauty Of Iranian Mosque Ceilings

Middle Eastern architecture is renowned for its kaleidoscopic beauty. If you haven’t had a chance, yet, to witness it for yourself, Instagram photographer m1rasoulifard can take you on a mesmerizing visual journey. He captures the best of Iran’s architectural details in his hypnotizing photos.

From the Jāmeh Mosque, one of the oldest still standing in Iran, to Chahār Bāgh school, the photographer aims to show the history of Iranian architecture and design.

For more Iranian mosque interiors, you can also have a look at this post. Because they are historic structures, many of these mosques also impose heavy restrictions on photography, so these photos are a real treat!

More info: Instagram (h/t: designboom)

Hazrate-Masomeh’s mosque in Qom, Iran

Sheikh Lotfollah mosque in Esfahan, Iran, 400 years old

Hazrate-Masomeh’s mosque in Qom, Iran

Jameh’s mosque in Esfahan, Iran, 900 years old

Chahar-Bagh’s school in Esfahan, Iran

SHeikh-Lotfollah’s mosque in Esfahan,Iran

Palace of Shah Abbas Safavi, Iran, 400 years ago

Shahe-Cheragh’s mosque in Shiraz, Iran

Hafez’s tomb in Shiraz, Fars, Iran

Sheikh-Lotfolah’s mosque in Esfahan, Iran

Chehel-soton’s palace in Esfahan, Iran

Shahe-Cheragh’s mosque in Shiraz, Iran

Jameh’s mosque in Esfahan, Iran, 900 years old

Sheikh Lotfollah mosque in Esfahan, Iran, 400 years old

Hazrate-Masomeh’s mosque in Qom, Iran

Hazrate-Masomeh’s mosque in Qom, Iran

Shah mosque in Esfahan, Iran, 400 years old

Jameh’s mosque in Esfahan, Iran, 900 years old

Source : Bored Panda 

Iranian star Shahab Hosseini wins best actor award at ‘Action on Film’ festival


Iranian star Shahab Hosseini has won the best actor award at the 12th edition of Action on Film International Film Festival for his role in drama “Hush! Girls Don’t Scream”.

‘Hush! Girls Don’t Scream’, a 2013 Iranian drama film directed by Pouran Derakhshandeh, won the Best Film Award for its director and Best Actor Award for Shahab Hosseini at the event, which was held from September 2 to 10 in Monrovia, California.

The film narrates the story of a young woman, who awaits trial and death sentence for having murdered a man who repeatedly abused her as a child and threatened to do the same to another girl. The story unravels the mystery with a focus on the restraining social conventions that place women at a disadvantage when trying to deal with such sensitive issues as sexual assaults.

Derakhshandeh’s production has garnered many international awards at film festivals including the 2014 edition of Irvine International Film Festival (IIFF) in the United States, the 4th London Iranian Film Festival, as well as the Best Film Award and Best Actress Award (to Tannaz Tabatabaei) at 2015 Fiji International Film Festival.

The Action On Film International Film Festival, also known as the Action On Film Festival, is a film festival currently held in Monrovia, California. It was founded in 2004, and it has been held in several different cities in California.

The closing ceremony of the 12th Action on Film International Film Festival was held at Hotel Westin in Pasadena, California attended by several members of the jury including Mehrdad Sarlak (executive director of the IranCinema portion of the Action on Film Festival), Maryam Pirband , Jennifer Young, John Little and a number of Iranian artists such as Shahab Hosseini, Hamid Farrokhnezhad, Gohar Kheirandish, Soheila Mirfakhrai, etc.

See more details in Persian here

Mehr News contributed to this report

The world longest established travel company puts Iran in spotlight as preferred destination, sales to Iran massively up

Cox & Kings has urged agents to consider Iran as an alternative to struggling North African destinations such as Egypt and Tunisia.

Cox & Kings proffers Iran as an alternative to Egypt and Tunisia

The operator, which launched its Middle East 2017 program last week, said its forward sales to the country were “massively up” and that the destination offered “fantastic deals” for travel consultants and their clients.

Middle East product manager Michael Fleetwood said Cox & Kings was focused on “tackling perceptions” over security that agents may have, following the operator’s return to the destination in 2016 after a five-year hiatus.

Fleetwood said the downscaling of the UK Foreign Office’s travel advice for the country along with the thawing of political tensions between Iran and world governments should help put agents’ minds at rest about selling Iran as a destination.

This includes a historic deal brokered between the US and Iran in January to restrict its nuclear activities.

“It’s important for us to be looking at how agents perceive Iran and making sure they see it as safe,” Fleetwood said. “There’s a low threat of terrorism and their internal security is very tight, which favours tourism. Egypt has become a really difficult sell at the moment, along with other North African destinations, so Iran can be a good alternative. It’s a great destination that ticks all the boxes and has so much culture.

“We need to work with agents to get more passengers to consider the Middle East because we’ve seen through our sales that there’s a demand for it.”

Cox & Kings’ Iran programme includes a 13-night Heart of Persia tour onboard a luxury Golden Eagle train with prices beginning from £10,795pp, excluding flights. Agents can also book the operator’s Treasures of Persia tour, which offers a 10-night stay in Iran with a choice of 10 departure dates throughout 2017, starting from £2,495.

All prices include transfers, excursions and accommodation.


Top 10 Things to Try in Iran

Top 10 Things to Try in Iran

Iran is a country that has much to offer, from deserts to beaches, 5000m peaks to caves, from new cultural experiences to tasty cuisine. You can know that coming from an experience travelling in Iran will enrich your life. The first step to truly having incredible experiences…always say yes. Here are a few things for those that have time in Iran, should try:

1. Ski in Dizin

Rocking the 80s ski look in Dizin

Iran is not very well known for its skiing, let’s just say many people don’t go to Iran for skiing. However, Iran has some incredible mountains and impressive ski locations.

Dizin, being the most popular, is highly worth a visit. However, it is expensive compared to other activities you can do in Iran. So be prepared. A taxi is the only way to get there and costing about $40 one way, can cheapen if you have three travelling companions. The ski passes cost at about $30 a day and ski hire about $25 for equipment that is most certainly pre-revolution. I mean check out my fashionable picture of my rented ski attire.

However, if you can surpass these little development issues, you will get some incredibly views and experience.

Firstly the drive alone through the Alborz mountain range is incredible in itself. Having been to many ski resorts, including in much poorer countries than Iran like Georgia.

Iran has a long way to go to make skiing an affordable and attractive tourist sport. But if you love the mountains and skiing, this is a must.

2. Swim in the Persian Gulf

No Women’s beach open yet, bugger it, out for a swim in Rasht

Iran has some really beautiful beaches, with incredible mountain backdrops. However, with the restrictions of the government, you cannot just swim anywhere. Which is a travesty! Well, for women anyway. So there are a few dedicated beaches for women and also men. The nicest was on Kish Island.

Clearly marked, away from prying eyes, the cost is $3 to enter. You receive a locker for your things but also are not permitted any photographic materials. Which is unfortunate if you want that bikini selfie on the beach (even promising you won’t have any Iranians in the photo).

But on arrival, you are in hijab and many are in chador. Walking through the looking glass and you have many topless, tattooed women swimming, sunbathing with clear waters, music playing and women chatting. You have to take a double-take. Is this Iran?

Its really an interesting situation. Not just for the fact seeing Iranian women completely being free, but also to be at a beach without men. It’s an experience.

The vivid greens will blow your mind in Golestan National Park

3. Drive through Golestan National Park

Golestan is Iran’s jungle. And by jungle, yes it humidity is intense and its wildlife varied. Visiting the rest of Iran is very dry, but upon reaching Golestan national park, the vibrate greens of the luscious forests can be blinding.

It s a unique park, as one side is a barren desert and the other a lush tropical jungle. Unfortunately its not as developed for tourists as say taking a desert tour near Yazd. But with Iranians being incredibly helpful, you can manage to go through this place and do some birdwatching, walking, and of course eating.

4. Eat a BBQ in an Esfahan Park

The beauty of Esfahan isn’t the 2nd largest square in the world, its the parks that run along the river with its unique bridges joining one side to the other.

When you are a foreigner in Iran, everybody welcomes you. You are their guest and no where more than Esfahan do you get greeted. Walking along the river, many invite you to eat with them and their families.

To be honest a walk that takes physically 30 minutes turns into several hours. Its a truly incredible experience. Enjoying the views and the cool breeze from the river and shade from the trees, you meet friendly and hospitable Iranians.

5. Summit Alvand Mountain

Mountain Ninja at Mount Alvand

Hamadan is a beautiful old city, but sometimes, its nice to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the mountain.

In the mountain you can experience the little freedoms, like not having to wear a hijab. Alvand mountain is also very beautiful and can be easily accessed, even if you aren’t an avid hiker.

There is a cable car that can take you to the first shelters, where you can eat and take a good view of the city and hike further up to some breathtaking views or all the way to the top!

It’s not a difficult mountain and easily marked. You can access it via shared taxi from the city centre. Even in the off season, there are still people hiking and at the base you can enjoy some tea or food.

6. Rock climb in Kermanshah

New climbing experiences in Kermanshah

Kermanshah is an incredible place. It has much to offer especially to those that enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle.

A very accepting and generous group of climbers and mountaineers will welcome you to join in all their activities, no matter your level.

Heading to their many rock climbing walls, you can enjoy some incredible views of Kermanshah city, while also enjoying some foods with some truly lovely company.

Lots of activities include rock climbing, abseiling, mountaineering and much more, with the 5th highest climbing wall in the world – Bisotun – and challenging peaks likes Paraw Mountain, its adventure awaits.

7. Attend a Garden Party

No true visit to Iran is complete without joining in on a Garden or house party. Here you get to the see the young, often wealthy, and loosely free Iranians who will drink alcohol, dance, eat, talk. Its a really incredible experience to see how similar we can be and how fortunate you are to come from a country where you can do this legally and in the open.

In some bigger cities, people have apartments to have their parties away from their families. In the smaller cities, many have a house outside the city with gardens and high walls, to allow you to truly enjoy yourself without ramification.

Enjoying Iranian dances, with a tasty BBQ and feeling what it will be like one day when Iran is a little bit more free. Its an incredible experience that hopefully you can be invited to attend.

8. Jeep Surf Sand Dunes near Yazd

Ready to surf? Near Yazd

Yazd is a very old city in the middle of the deserts. Even in early May, the heat is noticeable. But after visiting the old streets and bazaars, a must try when in Yazd is to take off, out to the desert.

Depending on your budget and situation, it can be a little expensive. With taxis running at about $40, making for solo travellers a bit of a budget stretch, unless you can find others to fill the seats.

If you’re lucky (like really lucky as I was), you can get invited by randomly standing at a bus stop by Iranians who have a relative who own a 4WD for personal purposes of sand dune riding and exploring.

Its a very fun, sometimes terrifying experience, loud Persian music blaring while skidding up and down and across sand dunes at full speed.

9. Take a Motorbike through Shiraz

Driving in Iran can be quite a new experience for those not used to, lets just say, utter craziness.

Sometimes you wonder if people have to take a test for a licence or if there are in fact rules here to abide by. Often, being a pedestrian can be an interesting, heart-stopping moment when you try to cross a street. However, to truly experience what its like in Iran, is to take a motorbike through Shiraz.

At many instances you think your heart will literally pump out of your chest. Fortunately, if your driver is well-equipped, all you do is cling for dear life, take in some new views of the city and have a new lease on life.

Hitching in the South near Bandar Charak

10. Hitchhike

Iran is certainly not a country used to hitchhiking. Actually its remarkably foreign to them.

More and more backpackers are starting to convey this is a common method for people to get around. However, Iranians have a lot of mistrust to each other and think its too dangerous to travel in this method.

However, hitchhiking, like in all countries, can be an eye-opening, wonderful, inspirational and spontaneous experience. If you have the time try it, you never know where your next travel story will lead…

Check out my friend’s youtube video for some inspiration on hitchhiking

A new era for the hotel industry in Iran

A new era for the hotel industry in Iran


Iran Hotel Association‭ (‬IHA‭) ‬has launched a new plan to introduce the country’s hotel facilities along with the arrival of post-sanction, h‭ead of IHA ‬Jamshid Hamzehzadeh said.

According to Hamzehzadeh, there is a big opportunity for Iran hotel industry at this time to upgrade potentials and meet the increasing demand of travel to Islamic Republic of Iran appropriately‭.‬

IHA is a unified association which consists of 31‭ ‬hotel unions across the country‭. ‬IHA is recently setting up a website‭ (‬‭) ‬for its Irawnian hoteliers to sell the room to end users‭.

‬Mr‭. ‬Hamzezadeh said that this website will be upgraded in future and in cooperation with the foreign partners‭, ‬they will be able to accept non-Iranian tourist’s orders for accommodation‭.

‬“Everything depends on lifting the banking sanctions‭.‬”‭ ‬According the head of IHA‭.‬

Iran has 1,125‭ ‬hotels and guest houses‭, ‬of which only 130‭ ‬are four‭- ‬and five-star establishments‭. ‬The goal is to increase the number of quality hotels to 400‭ within 10‭ ‬years‭.‬

There are 550‭ ‬Hotel apartments as well and the IHA has received a lot of applications for consulting and constructing new accommodations recently‭, ‬Hamzezadeh said‭.

Via: Safar Magazine

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